Having a roof replaced can be a pricey endeavor. Most roof issues can be repaired before they develop into large-scale problems. Here are the ten things to keep a watchful eye on to maintain the health and integrity of your roof.

1. Faulty Roof Installation

A correctly installed roof can be expected to last at least 20 years. No matter the quality of the product, when shingles and flashing are not correctly cut and attached, the life expectancy of a roof decreases dramatically. Unfortunately, issues with a new roof do not become apparent until the damage is already done. Seeking out highly recommended professionals for all roofing work is essential.

2. Flashing Issues

Flashing is the metal that attaches to your roof to prevent water from seeping into the structure. It can be found around chimneys and where a roof edge connects into a wall. If flashing is poorly installed, it can become loose or disconnect completely allowing water to seep. This seepage will allow roofing tiles to loosen and blow away.

3. Unseen Leaks and Moisture

Often leaks occur near insulation and drywall which act like sponges and soak up the water. As such, many leaks go unnoticed until the moisture causes other issues, like mold and rot. Not only does this moisture degrade the structure of the building, but they can also cause health issues.

4. Roof Membrane Shrinkage

Roofing membrane coats the roofing materials to protect it from extreme weather and possible punctures. Improper installation, inadequate mixing, and roof design can all contribute to membrane shrinkage. When a membrane shrinks, the integrity of the roof decreases which allows tears and cracks to form.

5. Lack of Ventilation

Ventilation of an attic or roof deck can play a significant role in maintaining the health of a roof. In cold climates, proper ventilation keeps the roof cold, stopping the melting snow and ice from creating ice dams. In hot climates, ventilation gets rid of hot air to assist the air conditioning system. It also regulates moisture to prevent shingles from blistering in the excessive heat. In areas that have cold and hot temperatures, a proper ventilation system will manage both tasks.

6. Rooftop Ponding

Roofs that do not have a slope can have areas that collect water. Rain and HVAC drainage can accumulate in depressions and create small ponds on a roof. This ponded water can, over time, seep under tiles and make the roof more susceptible to leaks. Often, this water will collect debris and grow vegetation, further degrading the roof.

7. Roof Punctures

Roof punctures most often occur as a result of Mother Nature. Debris, hail, and strong winds can penetrate the roofing material and create a perfect environment for leaks. Some types of roofs are more vulnerable to punctures than others.

8. Tree Damage

Fallen trees are often considered the biggest culprit of roof damage; however, overhanging branches can also do significant harm. Branches that rub against a roof can degrade the surface over time. Small branches can pull off shingles as they fall to the ground. Additionally, pine needles and leaves can accumulate on a roof and trap moisture. It is advised to keep a 10-foot radius around your house that is clear of tree branches.

9. Wildlife Damage

Squirrels and birds love to perch on rooftops. Squirrels have sharp teeth and claws that can quickly destroy shingles and eaves. Bird waste is highly acidic and eats away at roofing materials. Nests can also block proper water drainage and cause deterioration. While this wildlife might be enjoyable to watch, it is best to deter them from making your home their home.

10. Poor Roof Maintenance

A properly functioning roof is something taken for granted until an issue arises. Unfortunately, by the time a problem is notice, significant damage has likely already occurred. Roof problems will always get worse if they are not adequately addressed. Making rooftop maintenance a priority can prevent costly repairs and lengthen the life of a roof.

If you know or suspect your roof is experiencing any of these issues, consult a roofing professional, like our preferred professionals at Quantum Roofing. Roofing in Burnaby, BC is easy when you hire Quantum!