Search Engine Optimization has made a significant impact on both independent businesses and major corporations. Think about the last time you looked in a phone book for something. It’s been a while, right? The first thing you do now is to search on Google. And what Google brings up depends on complicated algorithms with a lot of factors to consider. SEO is now a big part of the business. But should you do it yourself, or hire a professional? It’s true you could probably get an in-house team, or, if you’re a small business, you could even figure out some good SEO tactics on your own. But there are many reasons to hire a professional SEO company. Here are just a few.

SEO is Constantly Evolving

SEO is not a set it and forget it venture. To practice good SEO tactics, you have to be aware of what’s current, everything from what Google is doing to its algorithms, to your own goals for your business. SEO experts are experts because they understand all the tech and search engine stuff you might just be getting familiar with. A good SEO company can tell you about everything Google is updating, as well as keeping an eye on your website traffic and progress, to help you learn what needs to change and stay ahead of changes that are already on their way.

SEO Companies Have Better Access To Programs That Can Grow Your Business

There are hundreds of SEO tools and plugins to use either on your website or business as a whole. There are many cheap models, but some are high-end, costing thousands a year. Think about it. Do you trust yourself to know everything you can take advantage of on one of these higher-end programs? What about the cheaper plans? How will you know when you’ve outgrown them, or if they’re causing any problem? With a dedicated SEO team, you’ll not only be able to make use of everything you’re paying for, without time and training, but you’ll also often get a deal on higher-end programs, like Moz, SEMrush, and more. Many SEO companies absorb the cost of these programs into their overhead, giving you a much better deal, and saving you a lot of time learning the ins and outs of a whole new program.

You Can Be Sure You’re Getting Real Results

If you’re already trying various SEO strategies, you know it can sometimes feel like a bit of a guessing game. Frank from the Vancouver SEO Company – Expert Search Engine Optimization Services understands this and says that as we’ve previously mentioned, SEO tactics are ever-evolving, and what’s cutting edge now may be obsolete in three months. Often, by the time the results you’re looking for a start to come in, you already need to start thinking about changing tactics. An SEO company is hired to run dozens of A/B tests to their clients, and are continually monitoring results and keeping an eye out for indications they need to change strategies. This leads to our next point.

It Leaves You Free To Run A Business

If you’ve started a business, whether it’s a huge corporation or a passion project that you’re hoping will generate an income, then that’s what you should be focusing on. SEO practices can be overwhelming. It isn’t just about keywords, but page speed, keeping up to date with Google, understanding various plugin types, analyzing search engine data and more. Very different from the actual running of a business. With an SEO company on hand, you’ll have a dedicated team to help funnel traffic to your website and make sure you’re getting the best chances for visibility online. This gives you more time to grow, meet your goals, and come up with creative new directions to take your business. After all, you didn’t get into this to learn about Search Engine Optimization, did you?

Good SEO practices have fast become integral to business practices, no matter the size of the business. If you’re running a small business, it might be tempting to try to learn some SEO practices yourself. However, because of the ever-changing nature of SEO, Google’s constant updating its algorithms, and the growing number of SEO tactics, programs, and practices, it is more cost effective to hire an SEO team. It saves time, allows you to focus on the growth of the business, and even provides access to more sophisticated SEO programs, which will continue to save money in the long run. As your business grows, you may decide later that it’s a better idea to have an in-house SEO team. But starting out requires a lot of time dedicated to just SEO. For this and the reasons in this article, we feel it is better to hire a professional SEO company and decide when you don’t need them later.