The escape room game is one of the best and at times most intense game ever. Trying to beat the time and finding your way out can give you the thrill of a lifetime. But, as much as you do enjoy playing the game, it’s advisable you be mindful of the belongings inside the escape room and the surroundings. The breaking of objects inside the escape room hinders the experience that the next players will have, and it also increases our damage costs.

Moreover, if you really liked the game, then you would want to find everything intact the way you left it. It’s, therefore, best if you accord the escape room some respect. Here are some tips to help you minimize damaging the escape room.

So below, here are five tips on how to respect an escape room game. Brought to you by the guys at the Las Vegas Escape Room Games – Number One Escape Room.

1. If an Object is Fixed, It’s Fixed

We understand that nearly everything in the escape room often looks like it contains some clues. But, there are some things that when you notice that they are permanently fixed, you should leave them alone. And, the hints are you usually strategically placed in a location where you will have to use minimal force. Therefore, next time you are playing this game, don’t break a cupboard that is bolted to the wall, if something seems to be permanently fixed then kindly let it be.

2. Be Cautious of Delicate Objects

If you have found your clue say on a wood carving, you shouldn’t just drop it on the floor because you are done with it. Displacing such delicate objects makes them vulnerable to breaking. And you never know, another player might step on it and could incur some injuries. The same way that you would handle delicate objects in the outside world is the same way that you should handle these objects in the escape room. Always place them somewhere safe.

3. Always Know that There is no Time for Refurbishment between Players

The escape game is a favorite and in most days there is always a line of players waiting to play next. Now, tearing the entire room apart looking for clues makes our work in refurbishing the room rather difficult. It’s because we often don’t have enough time for refurbishment and we can’t delay other players from playing. Thus, you should only do what is expected of you.

4. Shortcuts are Not as Fun as You Think

What comes to your mind when you see a box with a lock on it? Probably, there’s a clue inside there, right? But, for you to open it, you must first have a key. But then you start thinking, what if I try and make a gap in between the box until I find what’s inside there. That is absolutely wrong. You will be skipping the fun part of finding the key and will be wrecking the property. You can achieve a lot as a team, instead of trying to break into the box, divide yourselves and search till you find the key. Shortcuts are great but as long as you are doing the right thing.

5. Avoid Giving the Next Players Hints – They don’t Need Them

You might feel that you’re giving the next players some few pointers by writing down solutions, but that’s not cool, at all. As a matter of fact, they don’t even need them. The fun part of playing the escape room game is racking your brains and coming up with solutions on how to get out. If you write solutions on walls or furniture, you will be tasking us with replacing or repainting them. If you have to write anything down, put it on the paper that you will be provided with.

We always try to make our escape rooms’ fun by incorporating furniture, and any other objects that will make the environment exciting. You should, therefore, be cautious about how you handle the property in escape rooms. Otherwise, we will be forced to build escape rooms that will resemble the stainless steel toilets found in our train stations.