Greer’s OC; Crow Bar Goes Green

Greer’s OC; Crow Bar Goes Green

greerCongratulations to the Crow Bar & Kitchen in Corona del Mar for taking a green initiative. The Green Restaurant Assn. just certified Crow Bar, an upscale gastropub, as the first “green restaurant” in Orange County.

Not only does the Crow Bar boast a James Beard award-winning Executive Chef John Cuevas (formerly with the Montage Hotel & Resort in Laguna Beach), but it uses local and sustainable ingredients in its inventive pub foods. Other markers for making this certification include the banning of Styrofoam, to-go packages are biodegradeable and made from recycled materials, and its Natura water system is environmentally friendly.

Eco-conscious diners should know that the Crow Bar isn’t the only green restaurant in OC, just the first one to get the National Restaurant Assn.’s certificate (an expensive process). Just a partial list of restaurants that are doing their part for the environment include eateries at the Camp in Costa Mesa: Mesa, Native Foods, Old Vine Café, Ecco, Taco Asylum, 118 Degrees, Valhalla Table; Avanti Café in Costa Mesa; Sandy’s Beach Grill and Duke’s in Huntington Beach; Sandy’s and Veggie Grill’s two locations in Irvine; and as reported in the OC Register Z Pizza in Irvine.

You can also see which restaurants Slow Food Orange County recommends for doing their part to support locally grown seasonal and sustainable produce and more. Here’s their approved list of eateries.

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