Finally, summer is here and its time to cut loose and relax! Whether you’re hitting the beach or lounging poolside, it’s important to make sure you don’t accidentally take a vacation from your oral health care Needs too! Here are five tips to help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful all summer long so that you can enjoy that much-needed vacation time!

1-Prevent unsightly chips and cracks in teeth

Your teeth are not tools. Sometimes it seems more comfortable and faster to use our teeth, instead of our hands to open bottles, food wrappers, or bags. However, this can result in cracks or chips in the enamel, especially the front teeth. Other less known culprits include chewing ice and nail-biting. Often these types of damages can happen when you aren’t near your dental office, or after business hours, leaving you with a painful, unsightly smile. Remember your teeth are for food and nothing else!

2-Safety First- Avoid Painful Dental Injuries

Summer is an excellent time to be active and play sports! Whether you are playing volleyball in the pool, frisbee, or even football in the backyard, make sure your teeth are well protected! There is a reason all professional athletes wear mouth guards— to avoid expensive and painful injuries. Loose and missing teeth are just a few of the common sports-related injuries that can damage your mouth. All it takes is an elbow or ball to the mouth by accident, and you could end up losing a tooth!
An over-the-counter-mouthguard is better than nothing but is often bulkier and less comfortable than a custom-made mouthguard. Your dentist can make one that is specifically designed to fit your teeth, to keep you healthy and safe this summer!

3- Protect your lips From UV Rays

“ Wear your sunscreen and stay hydrated”!How many times have we all heard that advice? It’s excellent advice, but it falls short since many people forget to protect their lips when spending time outdoors. Our mouths are susceptible to burning and damage from the sun’s radiation, which can cause things like skin cancer and premature aging. Keep your lips protected by applying a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher.

4-Watch Out For The Sugar Bugs

Wait a minute, sugar bugs aren’t a real thing, or are they? Sugar bugs are an analogy professionals use to teach kids about the harm caused to teeth from eating sweets. However, it isn’t too far of a stretch! The human mouth is made up of millions of bacteria (bugs), and when we eat sugar they grow and thrive, spelling disaster for our teeth! Overindulging in sweets can cause cavities and challenging areas of permanent discoloration on your teeth from the enamel breaking down.

To minimize the damage that can happen from over-indulging in sweet treats on a hot day, be sure to brush your teeth right after having a sugary treat, and ALWAYS brush before bed, that’s when the bacteria do all their dirty work.

Another tip to remember is everything in moderation. Limiting how many times a day we eat sweets, and how long we snack for can help reduce our risk of damaging our teeth. Finishing a treat in one sitting does less damage then snacking all day.

Most people know that soda is terrible for your teeth, but many people don’t know that sports drinks like Gatorade and energy drinks can be even worse! These drinks have a combination of sugar and acid that can cause significant damage to your teeth. Try to drink water, but if you have to indulge try drinking it through a straw, and avoid sipping on them over an extended period.

5- Stick To Your Oral Hygiene Routine

All the summer festivities can leave us feeling worn out at the end of the day, and our oral hygiene routine can fall to the wayside! It happens to everyone once in awhile! But, if it becomes a habit, it can cause cavities and gum infections, like gingivitis! Luckily, there are a few pointers to keep you in the swing of things and minimize the damage if it does happen.

Most people brush in the morning but often become too tired at night to clean before bed. If you find yourself repeatedly falling into this trap, try brushing and flossing immediately after your last meal/beverage of the day. This way if you get too tired later on, you at least removed some of the Bactria and food particles that cause bad breath, cavities, and infected gums.

Another right way to keep up with your oral hygiene routine over summer is to motivate yourself with some new dental goodies. Maybe a new electric toothbrush with all the bells and whistles, flavored floss, or a new mouthwash will keep you on your A-game? Besides, when it comes to investing in a beautiful smile, you cant spoil yourself enough!! Trust me a new toothbrush, is still cheaper than a new crown!

When all else fails, using a toothpaste or mouth rinse with fluoride in it, brushing 2-3x a day, and flossing on a daily basis can keep your smile glowing all summer long!!!

Bonus Tip: Summer is fun for the whole family, and making memories can last a lifetime! Make sure to follow our 5 Tips, so visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be one of yours! But, if you should find yourself in need of high-quality, compassionate care, or just looking for a new dentist, we’ll make sure it is a good memory! Visit our offices today!:

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