Everyone loves to save money. Getting a great value at a low price is something people will talk about at gatherings and on social media. That is until…

    • The pipe bursts and gushes down the stairs that the cheap plumber just fixed
    • The toes are already poking through the bargain socks
    • The oil change that was a value is now a puddle on the floor of the garage

The same concept is also applied to cheap web design. You may not pay as much money for the development, but you will end up paying more to fix the problems. You will also be missing out of customers while the website is down. You could have spent less in the long run by going with the best web developer. If you own a small business, a website is an essential part of your success. You cannot afford to waste the money on bargain designers. You need to plan out the design in your budget and find the best designer within this range.

1. Consider Your Website to be An Employee

An employee that can work 24/7 and help customers with their phones, tablets, and computers. Do you want your employee sitting around doing nothing? The employee needs to be working professionally at all time and providing valuable services to the customers. If your website looks unprofessional, this is going to turn customers away. You have wasted your hard earned money on a site that no one wants to use. The professional site could have gotten the job done and have gotten you more customers.
If you have it done right the first time, this will end up saving you money.

2. Some Figures on the Website

We are going to look at the following example. A web designer may want to charge you $30,000 to get your website up and running for the next three years. This may sound like a good idea. You then think about what you can pay a human employee. If the site is a person, this will cost you $10,000 a year. Luckily the website will not look for a better job. It is less expensive to hire a good web designer the first time you develop your site.

3. Inexperience- Trouble with a Web Designer

Your web designer may want to help, but they do not have the experience. They may not know how to perform certain operations and may leave the security of the site at risk. This can be a real problem for customers.

4. Security

Hacking, phishing, and other issues are a threat to many websites. The best designer will know how to reduce the threats and use the latest technology to keep your site safe. They will also be able to keep your customer information safe. Inexperienced designers do not have the experience to keep hackers out or use the correct coding to make sure your site is secure.

5. Maintenance

A cheap website designer may not help when there is a problem. You may need to update the blog, post new products, change some information, and deal with security issues. You need to make sure you have someone that will be there to help with these problems. There is nothing more frustrating than calling for help and finding out that the number you were given has been disconnected.

6. A layout is a Process

The core layout of the site needs to be updated monthly. If this does not happen, your site may not work. With these updates, your site may be at risk for security threats. The cheap web designer may not be around to do this, and you will need to pay someone else to fix your site.

7. Documentation

An inexperienced web designer may not see the importance in the documentation. The best designers will document and track everything and every code they use. They will document the updates as well as the maintenance. This will save you time in the long run. A website is needed for your business to be successful. The best designers charge more because they have the skills and experience needed to make a good site. Those that charge low prices do not have the experience needed to make a great website. Do not go cheap on this when it comes to your business. In this case, you will find that saving money costs you more in the end.

Article first seen on the Vancouver Web Design Company – WordPress Experts in Vancouver BC‘s blog. More amazing posts there!