about us

crowbar011-1It is called a GASTROPUB, a British term for a public house (pub) which specializes in high-quality food, steps above the more basic “pub grub”. The name is a combination of pub and gastronomy and was coined in 1991 when David Eyre and Mike Belben opened a pub called ‘The Eagle’ in London. Gastropubs typically have an atmosphere which is relaxed and a focus on offering cuisine prepared as well as it is in the best of restaurants. Staying true to the format requires a menu that complements the assortment of beers and wines the gastropub offers. Some describe gastropubs as the Anglo-equivalent of the French brasserie, Italian trattoria or the Japanese izakaya.

crow bar's green initiative

the crow bar and kitchen is proud to have implemented the following environmentally sustainable practices:

dine green certification


We do not use any polystyrene foam (Styrofoam). Our to-go and take-home packaging are biodegradable and made from recycled materials. We print exclusively on recycled paper. By purchasing products with high levels of post-consumer recycled content, we are helping to support these secondary systems. Using post-consumer material in paper manufacturing also conserves water and energy and reduces the production of solid waste and greenhouse gases.

elimination of bottled water

recycleAs an environmentally-friendly alternative to the waste associated with the manufacturing, transport and disposal of convenient bottled water, we now only serve NATURA® water. The NATURA® system is a countertop machine that triple-carbon filters and UV sterilizes water, which we then serve in reusable carafes.

Other steps are being taken including water conservation, energy and paper conservation and composting to meet the rigorous guidelines to be certified GreenRestaurant™ by the Green Restaurant Association.

what ‘s gastropub cooking?

about_dining-room-2 The cuisine defies strict categorization. Some chefs update pub classics with lighter preparations and international influences. Others serve innovative dishes that are barely recognizable as “pub Crow bar and kitchenfood.” The common denominators are a streamlined approach and a focus on seasonal ingredients. And you’ll always find a laid-back, neighborly atmosphere and reasonable prices.


the crow bar and kitchen staff has created a different type of pub menu that celebrates local food, honors tradition and welcomes seasonality, with special attention given to illustrate the varying ways beer and food can be paired to make both more enjoyable. These menu changes will further support Crow bar and kitchen Gastropubthe farm to table model. the crow bar and kitchen is proud to support sustainable agriculture as well as local farms and businesses in order to serve food that simply tastes better. Pubs with their welcoming, fun and vibrant atmospheres have a long history of anchoring and building communities. the crow bar and kitchen is committed to establishing a new category of neighborhood restaurant that will maintain the classic attributes of comfort and affordability while delivering superior food and service to its guests. the crow bar and kitchen is based on principles of high quality and taste and joins others in supporting a biodiverse, sustainable food supply, local producers, heritage foodways, and rediscovering the pleasures of the table.

crow-photosustainable shopping

Crow Bar and Kitchen buys as much produce as possible from independent, local farms based on seasonal availability. Meat and poultry is all natural, free range, and raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Choices of seafood are abundant and fished or farmed in sustainable ways. We pledge to buy as locally and sustainably as possible.


An amalgamation of attentive service, the ambiance of a local pub and upscale, gourmet cuisine. An extensive selection of international brews, 20+ on tap and many more by the bottle. A selective wine-by-the-glass program (20 – 25 available in this format) will further provide a unique experience to Orange County.


crowbar145The cuisine consists of classic pub food with a gourmet touch as well as other specialties procuring local, farm fresh ingredients, whenever possible, reducing the dependence on fossil fuels used for transportation. The recipes provide a diverse menu of comfort foods at a good value as to enhance the complete experience. The intent is to create an exceptionally social and friendly environment with guests encouraged to share and become more involved in that experience.


exterior-shotthe crow bar and kitchen is committed to establishing a new category of neighborhood restaurant that will maintain the classic attributes of comfort and affordability while delivering superior food and service to its guests and for those people who care about where their food comes from. We aim to bring people closer to the production of their food, both by incorporating local, regional and sustainably-grown ingredients, and by introducing folks to the people who make their meal possible. Additionally, our beer and wine is handcrafted by the finest artisans in the world.