Laser hair removal seems like a simple and ideal way to avoid the hassle of regularly shaving. It can be especially helpful for troubled areas, such as facial hair, or delicate to reach areas, such as the bikini line or back. But in reality, laser hair removal can be painful, and doesn’t come without some risk. Finding a good laser hair removal clinic among the many that can be seen through online searching, yellow pages, and friend recommendations, can be a bit difficult. However, there are certain things you can do to make it easier on you.

1. Referrals and Reviews

Getting referrals from friends is a great way to find a good laser hair removal clinic. You should also check online reviews at places you’re unfamiliar with. If the clinic you’re checking out uses before and after pics, take a look so you can see what the difference is, and if it’s what you want. Be wary of anything promising to remove hair completely. The best that can be done in any situation is permanent hair reduction. Checking with people you know and trust is also an excellent way to know what to expect regarding any pain or sensitivities you may experience, and the time frame between appointments you can expect.

2. The Consultation

Stay away from removal services that make promises without a consultation first. Your response to laser hair removal treatments can be affected by anything from your skin type to medications you’re taking, even your workout regime. A knowledgeable technician will know to check with you on any medication, sun exposure, and other lifestyle factors that could affect your response to treatment. They should also be able to give you a realistic idea of how much hair reduction you will experience, and over how much time. If your technician is in a hurry, offers you an appointment without consultation, or doesn’t know how your medication or skin could react, you’ll want to choose a different clinic.

3. About the Lasers

This applies to both the laser and the cooling method. Majority of clinics use Intense Pulsed Light, but there are specific types of lasers which are used for different skin types. Ask about the kind of laser that is best for your skin, and any reactions you might experience, from mild, to potentially dangerous. This is especially important if it’s your first time. Most laser hair removal clinics do a test patch on your skin to see how you’re going to react, but different parts of the body can respond in different ways, and your clinic should keep you fully informed of any risk.

4. About the Cooling

Equipment also means the cooling method used on the laser to protect the skin. It helps to avoid epidermal damage, and also makes your treatment more comfortable. Most clinics use either Gel, Cryogen, or Cold Air methods. A suitable laser clinic will have options for a variety of skin types. Gel can be messy and uncomfortable, and Cryogen may cause an allergic reaction, and is not suitable for sensitive skin. Check with your technician to see what cooling method they’ve used, and any potential results.

5. About Sanitation

It is common for laser clinics to see 30-50 clients a day. Larger hair removal clinics can see even more. That means the same lasers in intimate areas of at least 30 bodies a day. Sanitation is essential. It is completely reasonable to ask about the procedure to sanitize the lasers and equipment. In fact, a good technician will keep you well informed of the cleanliness of the equipment before your appointment, since it’s important for health and safety reasons.

6. Who is Doing The Treatment, and What Are The Certifications?

There should be a sign or certificate visible in the office advising that someone on the premises is certified to perform laser hair removal. Make sure you check that a certified person, rather than a technician, who may not be confirmed but work under someone, is performing your laser hair removal.

There are many laser hair removal clinics available. Though laser hair removal may seem routine, it can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. There are specific factors to consider, especially for those with sensitive skin. Additionally, if you’re not used to laser hair removal, you might not know what to expect. To be sure you’re getting everything you want out of your laser hair removal clinic, and to ensure personal comfort and safety, keep in mind the six things from this list. Most laser hair removal clinics are open, honest, and knowledgeable, and these considerations can help you learn what to ask for and what to expect with laser hair removal treatments.

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